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TikTok-Star und Doppelgängerin von Herzogin Kate hat sich bei „The Crown“ beworben

TikTok star and double Duchess Kate applied for “The Crown”.

Brittany Dixon single TikToker From Australia, who inspired the network with one thing in particular: She’s confusingly similar to Duchess Kate. Another reason to apply for Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ and slip into the role of the Duchess of Cambridge.

On TikTok, she revealed how the app went.

Kate Doppelanger is applying to star in The Crown

In fact, Brittany Dixon from Australia has hers TikTok account They began to make their art better known. Even if her followers celebrate her artwork, users have noticed something else polarizing TikToker. Because she looks like Kate’s missing twin. She has now found out about this herself and has posted comparison videos showing her and Kate. And that’s really true: it’s hard to tell the difference.

Who is the real Kate? You should take a closer look here…

Here Brittany slowly turns into Kate:

Now committed fans have stumbled upon a call from the popular series The Crown on Netflix. They are looking for actors and actresses to portray Kate, her future husband Prince William, and his brother Harry. After her followers literally urged the Australian to follow through on the casting call and send a request, she actually did. Details are revealed in another video.

How did the “The Crown” order go?

Brittany said, “Guys, I applied!” “I didn’t expect my video to get so much attention.” As for the app, it had to Send a selfie and a 30-second video, where she tells something about herself and her interests. Needless to say, the Australian also mentioned her love and talent for art.

Now all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed! Because a doppelganger can really They have high chancesTo be invited to a test. And who knows, maybe you’ll get the role in the end…

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