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You get sick a lot in that seat on the plane

You get sick a lot in that seat on the plane

Everyone knows this: when you travel, you often get sick. Trains and planes in particular are veritable spreaders of germs. According to an American study, even a specific seat increases the likelihood of getting sick on the plane!

From now on, there is another reason to fight for a window seat when traveling, because, according to American researchers, passengers most often remain healthy in this seat. If you get up little or not at all, you also reduce your risk of getting sick.

On the contrary, it means that the aisle seat is most likely to get sick. The reason for this is that you have to get up a lot in the corridor, for example to let the person sitting next to you use the toilet. In addition, you are generally closer to other passengers when you are sitting in the aisle. The result: You’re more likely to come into contact with bacteria and viruses and can get infected more easily.

advice: To reduce the risk of infection, travelers should frequently disinfect their hands on the plane (A handy go-to disinfectant here at Amazon). Because storage areas such as a folding table, toilet handles, or seat belts are also great traps for bacteria.

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