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Haller: "Crimes are often suppressed" - Vorarlberg -

Haller: “Crimes are often suppressed” – Vorarlberg –

Doctor. Reinhard Haller in “Vorarlberg LIVE”.

Reinhard Haller, criminal psychologist and author, was at “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Friday and talked about the film adaptation of his book “Die Macht der Kränkung.”

Based on the bestselling book “Die Macht der Kränkung” by forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller, ORF will feature a six-part fantasy television series starting Sunday featuring the history of the attack. Reinhard Haller co-produced the series and also played a small guest role. On Friday, he spoke in the studio “Vorarlberg LIVE” about the series, filming and the implementation of his book.

As one of the few, he already knows the solution, but of course he won’t reveal it. After all, the tension usually inherent in TV series should keep viewers in front of the screens. What forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller is allowed to say about the film adaptation of his book “Die Macht der Kränkung”: “The content is well executed,” and noted with a smile: “It was taken up as the subject matter of the movie in At least it didn’t offend me.” Tomorrow Sunday, ORF/ZDF’s new drama series “Die Macht der Kränkung” will premiere at 8:15pm on ORF 2. The six episodes trace the history of a frenzy in a shopping mall, where all the protagonists had a deep-seated humiliation. In one of them, anger, despair and despondency discharge in a fatal manner.

Video: Dr. Reinhard Haller, “The Power of Insult”

small players

Reinhard Haller got a small guest role in the drama. “I didn’t have to do much, just wander in the background from time to time, as can often be seen in Hitchcock films,” he describes his role. Nor were there long deliberations when screenwriter Agnes Bloch approached him with a request. “I asked myself beforehand whether it was possible to depict such a subject using cinematic means,” says Reinhard Haller. After a few conversations, he was convinced: “If the packaging is too sexy, then this is a very good method.” Haller is satisfied with the book with pictures. “The explanation that it is not always great motives such as jealousy or greed that lead to disaster, but rather small things, is successful in my view.” Feedback from those who have already watched part of the series on ZDF neo have been consistently positive. But what the psychiatrist was particularly happy about was that his colleagues also agreed with his assessment.

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Video: From book to movie

The upset genius

In terms of taking harm into the diagnosis in general, Reinhard Haller takes no makeup when it comes to his nose. “I came across this topic during the downfall of Franz Fuchs,” he says. Everyone suspected the political reasons behind the bombings. It was no different with Haller: “But when I had the opportunity to speak to Fox, I realized that the motive, seemingly simple, was insults. Franz Fox was a humiliated genius.” However, as before, insults are not given enough attention. “Even during training to be a doctor and then to become a specialist, the term never appeared,” Haller explains and quotes Hildegard von Bingen, who once said, “What offends you, makes you sick, and what causes you insults, creates suffering.” In truth, the truth is that the majority of minor illnesses are ultimately due to insults.

awaken sensitivity

Reinhard Haller hopes the TV series will provoke sensitivity to insults in society. “Insults are often suppressed, belittled, embarrassed, and most of all, indifferent to what they can cause.” The film portrays this very realistically, he personally wants a better awareness of harm not only to others, but also to himself, because only then one can handle it well. VN-mm

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