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Hamas publishes another video of female hostages

Hamas publishes another video of female hostages

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which rules the Gaza Strip, released a new video today of suspected Israeli hostages. Three women can be seen in it. The woman sitting in the middle expresses her strong criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

She says in an angry voice: Bibi Netanyahu, Shalom. Hamas detained us for 23 days.” Israeli media classified the video as “psychological terrorism” carried out by Hamas against Israel. Hamas likely dictated the text to the woman.

Reuters/Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas

He makes serious accusations against Netanyahu in the video

In the video, the hostage talks about a press conference with the families of the kidnapped the previous day. The woman said in Hebrew, addressing Netanyahu: “We know that there must be a ceasefire. You should have released us all. You committed to freeing us all.”

She accused Netanyahu of wanting to “kill us all.” It is possible that the statement refers to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The woman asks: “Weren’t enough Israeli citizens killed?”, and strongly demands an agreement to release Palestinian hostages and prisoners.

Netanyahu condemned the published video. He added that the recording was “cruel psychological propaganda.”

The second video published by Hamas

This is the second video published by Hamas. Two weeks ago, recordings were distributed of a young woman who also holds French citizenship.

Terrorists from Hamas and other extremist groups carried out massacres against civilians in the Israeli border area on October 7. They also kidnapped at least 239 people and headed to the coastal strip. Four women have been released so far.

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