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Hamlet as a solo show at the Neuhoven Forum

Hamlet as a solo show at the Neuhoven Forum

Neuhofen. Everyone knows his words: “To be or not to be.” But who is Hamlet really, what does he want, and who is stopping him? This is the question Stefano Bernardin asks in his production of “Hamlet – A One Man Show.” The actor will be coming to the Neuhofner Forum on Thursday, February 8 from 7:30 p.m. He alone embodies all the roles without betraying the great Shakespeare.

Stefano Bernardin shows Hamlet alone on stage. (Photo: Karl Satzinger)

On Thursday, February 8, from 7:30 p.m., Stefano Bernardin will come to the Neuhofner Forum with his production of “Hamlet – One Man Show”. Tickets are available online It is also available at the municipality office or at the box office. Pupils and students receive discounts. The piece lasts for 88 minutes without intermission.

Hamlet who plays everything

Hobsey Kramar and Stefano Bernardin centered “Hamlet” without betraying Shakespeare. The 400-year-old work has lost none of its significance: the prince dies in a duel and so begins the one-man show: he contemplates his life in his thoughts.

The monologues and dialogues remain, but the actor switches from one character to another: to Hamlet, Uncle and King Claudius, Mother Gertrude, the ghost of the father, Polonius, Rosary, Guildenstern and the gravedigger. Ophelia is not depicted: she is merely “answered,” but the character lives on in the music.

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