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Han Oil - Walking in Circles

Han Oil – Walking in Circles

2019 – The world was still good back then. Much of what we deal with every day today wasn’t an issue at the time, and this writer found his way to STORMBRINGER in 2019. It was one of the first albums to hit my checklist at the time.”inner orgasmBy Han Aoil. The Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer has now presented his fifth album, ‘Walking In Circles’. Along with several guest musicians, everything has been independently recorded, produced, and mixed.

Similar to its predecessor, “Walking In Circles” moves somewhere between brogue and mainstream rock. According to the press release, HAN UIL tried to give each song its own note so that the numbers don’t look like each other and the entire album looks fresh and up-to-date. He only managed to do it partially. As with “Esoteric Euphony,” it fails to keep the listener engaged for the duration of the album. There are fun clips to discover across the tracks. Unfortunately, the pendulum continues to swing in the other direction. For example, “Worship“At first it’s mysterious and cool atmosphere, but then it ripples more often. Eventually it unloads a cozy groove that you actually want to hear more about. That’s how you often feel.”

Tracks that lean more toward mainstream rock generally work better. “It’s you now“It starts out a little crisp, but builds up nicely, and from the middle of the way the figure forms a very nice groove that’s easy on the ear.

What you can feel throughout the entire album is HAN UIL’s absolute love for music and what it does. You can tell that he put a lot of energy into the individual tracks and trying to get the most out of them. Many different instruments and sounds are used throughout the long player. From beautiful guitar solos to flute parts, the obligatory Hammond organ to playing the saxophone, there’s a lot to start with. with “love musicThere is also his very personal declaration of his love for music as the conclusion of his new work.

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conclusion: HAN UIL’s fifth longtime player is once again a niche product between the prog and the mainstream. It does not always run at full length. However, “Walking In Circles” has a few surprises in store, and listeners who prefer Prog should give HAN UIL a little of their time and risk their ear.