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Hansi Hinterser: That’s how his son-in-law liked it

Nowadays, Hansi Hinterseer is known as one of the most successful pop singers. He used to be a professional athlete, and won many victories as a ski racer. No wonder his daughter Jessica has landed a real racing driver…

Hansi Hinterser: A true sports cannon

He won a total of six World Cup races and was also the vice world champion in slalom. In addition to some other competitions, his victory in the Hahnenkamm race made him famous in sports circles. It was in 1974 when he was only 19 years old. But he is not the only athlete in the family, his father won a gold medal in slalom in 1960. My nephews Hansi Hinterser, Lucas and Nicholas, are professional footballers. Apparently, his daughter Jessica is also interested in skiing. Because she met her husband Timo Schneider at the Hahnenkamm race. If this is not a good omen! In 2016, Hansi Hinterseer’s first grandson was born.

Timo Schneider: He had to come up with something

In a duel with Florian Silbereisen, Hansi Hinterseer proved himself to be a former professional athlete. The two competed against each other at finger-linking, with Hansi Hinterseer managing to win without much effort. So Timo Schneider decided to test his skills on the slopes. To this end, Hansi invited Hinterseer to a leadership training course. Everything was shown on TV in “Das Magazin zum Fest”. Hansi Hinterseer had to ride a tough track. The irrigated section should be a special challenge. “What surprised me is that you do not have the opportunity to drive a car at 20 kilometers per hour […]”said at the time. Then his son-in-law got behind the wheel and demonstrated his skills as a DTM driver. The fast laps they did together must have impressed Hansi Hinterseer so much.

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