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With legends at Purkersdorfer Open Air

With legends at Purkersdorfer Open Air

Falcon Live. Anyone who has seen him on stage still says today that he is unforgettable. Anyone who has not experienced it before will not be able to catch up. Although – perhaps, albeit a little differently: at the Purkersdorf Open Air on June 11, 2022, Falco is expected to sing on a huge video screen, his original band will perform on stage and guests will sing stars as a duet with him.

Falco himself was often in Burkersdorf, with host and scene organizer Nikki Neutofell explaining: “Through this party, we celebrate the 65th birthday of the only international superstar we ever had, Hansi Holzel. Falco was a welcome and dear guest and we spent some unforgettable and fun evenings together. here “.

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It should be memorable again this summer after a two-year break due to the pandemic. Mayor Stefan Steinbechler (SPÖ) can’t wait: “I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t describe it in words. Citizens are eager to finally be able to celebrate again.”

falcon to touch

Yet Falco is up close and personal – you get that feeling when you see him on the video wall and his original band playing on stage in Purkersdorf. Roman Gregory, Edita Malovic, Anna Milva Gomez, Tinnie Kinrath and Johannes Kreich will be there live. News anchor for “Jenny” live on stage “Zeit im Bild 1” Tobias Potzelsberger.

By the way, the video recordings shown are from the legendary 1993 concert on the Danube Island – fans stood in the pouring rain, and in the end a lightning strike crippled the technology. Falco has always wanted to play this concert until the end, thanks to modern technology and the creative talent of Kappelmeister Thomas Rabich, this wish came true in 2017. At that time, the concept of a semi-virtual concert on the Danube Island inspired 135,000 people. Now it comes to Berkersdorf.

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Legends of Austropop in the place where it was founded

But that’s not the only event in Birkersdorf this summer. Under the band name Wir4plus1, the original band from Austria3 will play Wolfgang Ambros on August 27, 2022. Berkersdorf is a place steeped in history for legends, says Nikki Neuntofel: “The cult band Austria 3 was founded here in Nicodemus in 1997 and this is where they played their first party for them.”


Under the name Wir4plus1, the original band from Austria3 presents with Wolfgang Ambros

“I believe that it is not always just about premium artists and actors, but also high-quality, high-quality events. It’s especially important for us that the focus here is on people,” says Christian Neusternig of ERGO Versicherung. Entry to both events is free thanks to the many Shepherds.

For those who can’t be on site, Radio Niederösterreich broadcasts concerts live after 8 p.m., according to ORF-Lower Austria’s Marketing Director Michael Battisti: “Not only can ORF do justice to the mission of information, including culture and sports, but also to the entertainment mission and we are looking forward to two big events,” says Battisti.