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NÖN is looking for the greatest talent in 2022

NÖN is looking for the greatest talent in 2022

From classical piano breaks, virtuosity on guitar, vocal powers, aesthetic pole dancing to original compositions on ukulele – Thursday evening’s atmospheric entertainment was lacking for nothing. Moderator Andy Marek hosted the evening and delighted the audience with funny breaks.

Eleven participants and one candidate tried to impress the jury and the audience with their own talents. The only man in the nominees round, Lukas Ninening of St. Georgen / Ybbsfelde, wowed audiences with his own composition Hey Ya! Accompaniment on the harp. By Outkast to dance along.

Among the other participants: Dennis Grossauer of Ertel, performed a song by Elton John, Danieluk Lidmila of Amstetten delighted the audience at the piano, Elizabeth Karl of St. Anton that der Jesnitz sang Diamonds is the best friend of the girl Marilyn Monroe, and Angela Jaggitsberger who gave Chips the best She has in the song Gurney and Astrid Zieglogner from St. Polten and sang Warrior by Avril Lavigne.

The judging panel consisted of Dominic Mayrhofer and Konstantin Wenzel, two members of rock band Amstettner Hörst, Wolfpassing coach and management consultant Manuela Benesch, Michael Galistel, renowned musician and NÖN co-star as Greatest Talent, and event director Sabine Stanzer and Sabine Maric. , with many years of music experience and a supporter of Andy on over 160 shows.

“It was a very close result.”

“I am very curious about the nominees and am excited to see how amazing their talent is. I know what it means to be on stage and I am just as excited as the participants themselves,” says Michael Galistel, looking forward to the upcoming show. A few weeks ago, the musician himself was still on stage. Stage with “The Voice” Michael Galistel gave his first concert last week at Gaming. He’s currently working on more singles and planning upcoming concerts. The jury members had a very hard time deciding, and in the end the audience decided too. Because the result of It could be part of the next round that consisted of 60 percent of the jury’s decision and 40 percent of the calls from the audience.” It was a very close result. 3,410 calls came from family members and fans. We had a very good talent and a lot of them deserved success,” states Andy Marek.

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The lucky winners are: pole dancer Birgit Edermeyer of Amstetten convinced of a chic dance, Paulina Steinelsberger of Neuhofen/Ybbs with her own composition “Love u”, Lisa Wetzel of Wolfsbach liking Hallelujah’s song, Laura Kiefer of Melk sang Mercy, Gum Hannah Wiener accompanies herself on keyboards A song by Leona Lewis and Julia Nicodim from St. Polten, she showed her guitar prowess and convinced her own composition “Bay”, dedicated to a deceased friend.