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Harrison Ford offers an unequivocal verdict on his digital rejuvenation

Harrison Ford offers an unequivocal verdict on his digital rejuvenation

In “Indiana Jones 5” we see Harrison Ford digitally recreated for a long time, and he’s now shared his opinion on the subject.

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny It is the longest installment in the adventure series: the final film lasts nearly two and a half hours Harrison Ford Like Indiana Jones. In the beginning, we will experience a flashback with a young Indy for about half an hour. For this purpose, Ford has been rejuvenated with the help of digital de-aging. However, the technology, which is increasingly being used in Hollywood, again and again causes doubts among fans, since digital regeneration is not always convincing.

Harrison Ford himself with his Young version but quite satisfied. He opened during a press conference for Indiana Jones 5 after the movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (via Delivery time):

“Technology has reached a point where it affects me very realistic Works and I know this is my face. It’s not Photoshop magic, it’s what it looked like 35 years ago because Lucasfilm has every frame of the movies we’ve made together over the years. And that process, the academic evaluation of that library, has been put to good use… if it’s not backed up by a story, it’s just a ploy and sticks out like a sore thumb when it’s not honest and it’s not real. ..means emotionally real. And so I think it was applied with great skill.”

The trailer for the new Indy movie gives you the first taste:

Harrison Ford sees great advantage in his current era

Harrison Ford is “very pleased” with the end result. Despite that, he doesn’t miss his teenage years much. On the contrary: “I am very happy with my age. I would love to be older. It would have been nice to be young, but I might be dead, I’d still work instead.”

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While Steven Spielberg, who didn’t direct “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny” for the first time in the series’ history, praised the sequel, first reviews after the premiere ranged from wary to underwhelming. The applause after the first performance didn’t exactly indicate euphoria. But maybe fans see “Indiana Jones 5” very differently. We’ll know when the movie comes out June 29, 2023 It starts in German cinemas. Until then, you can stream all four parts of the series on Paramount+.

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