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Gastronomy – Neuhofnerin was named Chef of the Year

Gastronomy – Neuhofnerin was named Chef of the Year

Theresia Palmetzhofer (Gasthaus Zur Palme) was present at the “Rolling Pin” for the first time this year – by her own definition “Austria’s largest symposium for chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, sommeliers, bartenders and service champions” in Graz. With great success, Neuhofnerin was named “Chef of the Year” (German: Kochin des Jahres) and ended up 26th in the “Top 100 Chefs” (Best Chefs) list.

The honor of being a part of Rolling Pun comes from being nominated enough times by Top 100 Chefs. After all, only restaurant owners and people working in the culinary art are allowed to vote.

“This year about 10,000 people voted. The formation on the stage was international, for example, Antonia Klugman from Italy, Nick Brill from Belgium, Albert Adria from Spain, Rebecca Klubat from Switzerland, and Wolfgang Puck, who lives in the United States.”

The first woman to receive the new award

And by the way, the Chefs of the Year category was held for the first time this year. “I am very happy because I am the first woman to receive this award. It was a great surprise to be ranked 26th among the top 100 chefs,” said the well-known chef, happy.

By the way, she got to the event with her four interns, Noah Steinberger, Raymond Harther, Patrick Mock and David Ebner. Palm’s team appeared on stage and prepared two dishes.

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