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Minecraft: Harry Potter-Mod

Harry Potter MMO canceled by EA

It looks like the EA is on file Online multiplayer game that worked on Harry Potter franchise based on. as Kim Salzer, CEO of Original Gamer Life, revealed that the Harry Potter MMO is in active development, but EA has decided to end it early.

Harry Potter fans are waiting right now Hogwarts LegacySupposedly it will be released in early 2022. For now we are just waiting for a new trailer showing this trailer The release of rumors finally confirmed. Given the popularity of the franchise, this message appears a bit strange if the publisher of FIFA and Battlefield and Co does not recognize the capabilities.

As Kim Salzer claims, EA didn’t think of the franchise as having a “long life”. As a result, the US video game publisher decided to discontinue this game, even though it was already in beta!

This Harry Potter game was a mixture of online and offline experience.

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The funny thing about the story? The game would probably be around 20 years old today if it had already been released, so At the height of the Harry Potter movies. Kim Salzer worked from 2000 to 2003 as Director of Product Marketing at EA.

EA’s Harry Potter MMO: Details of the canceled game

This news came during an interview with streamer The Brandolorian.

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“It’s a big game for me because I’ve been in it personally, and it’s a big IP still standing, a Harry Potter multiplayer online game,” she said. “We did all the research. We developed the beta. It was a combination of an online and offline experience where we send kids things like trophies, ribbons and such. Exhaustive research. Very confident in this success. But it was killed off by the lack of a better term because EA was going through some The changes at the time and they didn’t know or believe enough that this intellectual property would last more than a year or two.”

The project was also unique for its time, in that the development was designed with children, Salzer went on to explain.