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Has the vaccination campaign already stopped?

WPages that you need to reload, appointments that disappear when you want to book them – online after vaccination appointment Corona virus Searching can be time consuming and frustrating. New York wants to change that, allowing customers to walk into all the vaccination centers the city now operates. This is good news – but it also means that the demand for vaccines is obviously declining. So far, half the people in New York have received at least one dose. The situation is similar for all adults across the country. Now it’s one thing to vaccinate the other half. One obstacle is poor maintenance, for example in rural areas, but the refusal to vaccinate many is a growing concern for authorities. It’s mainly about young people – more than eighty percent of residents over the age of 65 are now vaccinated.

President Joe Biden Initially it had set a target of distributing more than one hundred million vaccines in the office in its first hundred days – now over two hundred million doses have been managed. Biden warned last Wednesday that many of the gains so far could be affected by the refusal to vaccinate. Employers must pay their employees to take the vaccine, the president demanded. In the meantime, the suspension for the vaccine has been lifted again from Johnson & Johnson – this vaccine is especially beneficial for patients in uncertain situations as it requires only one dose.

Refusal to vaccinate is a major barrier to herd immunity

Individuals living in poor neighborhoods or working all day prefer officers with mobile vaccination teams or Vaccines Success without meeting. However, the herd is now refusing to be vaccinated as the main barrier to achieving immunity. One in five people in the United States says they do not want to be injected through surveys. Then there are those who are more hesitant.

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The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that it will take two to four more weeks for everyone who wants to get vaccinated. After that, it will be a matter of convincing those who refuse to be vaccinated. According to scientists, supply will no longer be an issue, but there will be a need for immunizations. There are big differences between states: New Hampshire, for example, has already vaccinated 59 percent of the population, but only 30 percent of Mississippi and Alabama have been vaccinated.