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The United States and the United States are pioneers in climate protection – and business is on board

The United States wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent over the next nine years compared to 2005 levels. With this goal in mind, US President Joe Biden marks a complete turning point in his pioneering climate policy. Donald Trump, But doubled Barack Obama’s resolutions at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. In addition, the U.S. power sector must become emissions-free by 2035, and the entire country must become completely carbon-neutral by 2050.

There is talk of “four wasted years in the past” – but Washington is now making many more efforts to make up for the time and damage lost since he was in office under Trump. At the end of the summit, Pitan also raised Of Russia Collaboration. After talking to the President Vladimir Putin Biden insisted he was looking forward to working with him.

Green deal for US: Lots of money for trains, e-cars and power grid

On his first day at the White House, the president wanted to send a clear signal: by presidential resolution, Donald Trump had ordered the immediate amendment of all environmental protection laws he had repealed over the past four years. Since then, Biden has been talking about climate change and green technologies almost every day. The United States seeks to regain its innovative reputation – a green infrastructure and industrial policy and environmentally friendly technologies play a key role in the work resources.

Of the $ 2 trillion infrastructure project, $ 80 billion is earmarked for modernization of rail transport and $ 100 billion for the modernization of the electricity grid. A further 100 billion will go to poorer countries and support their climate policy. In the United States, residential homes and public buildings are set to be fitted with solar families in the future. In addition, 4 174 billion will be available for nationwide charging stations for electric cars.

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General Motors and Toyota are also switching sides

So far, the share of e-cars in the United States is as low as two percent. This will now be changed. The automobile market in California is seen with particular interest. In the country’s largest car market, strict emissions regulations have been in place for many years than at any other level nationally in the United States. In court, Trump sought to end California’s state power under a nationwide “clean air law” and modify the agreement between automakers and California – a deal his predecessor had Obama Negotiated. General Motors and Toyota First the legal supporters of Donald Trump – after Biden’s election victory, they withdrew their legal support and turned the pages. The legal dispute is now coming to an end.

Many other companies want to support Biden’s ambitious climate plan. Next Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Walmart signed an open letter to the government of more than 300 major American employers. McDonald’s, Google and retailer Target are behind Biden’s venture.

Even under Trump, American states went their own way in climate protection

John Kerry, the climate commissioner for the new government, is optimistic – but at the same time insists on the urgency of new goals. “The 30-year commitment to reducing emissions is great, but almost not enough. The period between 2020 and 2030 is very important.” Trump lied to the American people and ignored the scientific facts. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

More than 30 U.S. states under President Trump have already shared these views, and are already going their own way in climate protection. For many years they have been setting their own emission targets and rules through separate state laws. Some states prefer the earlier climate to be more neutral than Biden’s new plan. They have introduced their own emission trading systems with tax incentives for the expansion of renewable energy – after all, California is one of the ten largest economies in the world.

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Biden’s two – day online summit was seen as a preparation for the UN’s major climate change conference in Glasgow in November. But his new regulations for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are expected to take effect early next week.