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Corsair Envision Pro: a €200 gamepad that runs exclusively on PC

Corsair Envision Pro: a €200 gamepad that runs exclusively on PC

Image: Corsair

Gamepads have long since become more than just “console stuff.” Corsair is now releasing a model exclusively for PC (Windows) that has many additional buttons and can be extensively programmed. The Envision Pro, which costs 200 euros, also has RGB lighting.

The Envision’s appearance is roughly based on the Xbox controller. The familiar design is complemented by four paddles at the bottom and a total of two “side action buttons” on the sides, which can also be assigned to gamepad functions. The thumb stick or ABXY input can be pressed while your fingers operate other sticks, triggers or buttons at the same time.

The panel also has five macro keys. It can only be programmed via iCUE. Keyboard keystrokes, program shortcuts, or macros can also be used in program mode. However, only “Console Jobs” can be saved to the console; The other options are only available when the program is running.

Corsair Envision Pro (Image: Corsair)

Extensive configuration

As is usual in class, the reaction curves of the joystick and triggers can be modified in the software. Corsair also offers pre-configured variants for different types. Lighting can also be synced via iCUE; There are LEDs below the G keys and G keyboard. Additionally, Scuf uses Omron mechanical buttons under the trackpad and ABXY buttons. They should provide feedback like a mouse click. Razer is already doing something similar with its Wolverine controller, for example.

Other features depend on the model. The basic Envision controller, priced around €150, only communicates via a USB-C cable and has soft grip surfaces. The rubber version with a shallow structure as well as wireless transmission at a maximum distance of 13.7 meters via the Corsair slide current receiver and trigger locks are reserved for the Pro model, which costs just under 200 euros. The 165 x 108 x 64 mm gamepad weighs 241 or 285 grams.

Both models can be customized in the configurator like other Scuf gamepads. Customization options include, among other things, the front panel and the rings around the joystick. However, the configuration tool is not currently available; Both consoles can only be purchased in standard black (Envision) and gray and white (Envision Pro) configuration. ComputerBase had already planned a test at the start of sales, but it was postponed due to a delayed sample arrival.

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