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Heating management startup Juconn secures €3.5m investment

Heating management startup Juconn secures €3.5m investment

Munich company specializing in digital heating management Gokun Securing €3.5 million in capital to expand the Immoconn heating programme. With the investment, the startup wants to further expand sales and thus meet the growing demand for digital heating monitoring. The young company is already anticipating another round of financing in the fall.

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Heating control is important for carbon removal

In addition to private investors, sponsors also include major investors Grünwald Equity and minnt. The investment is particularly important in light of the current discussion of heating substitution, since technologies that can be used in the short term, such as heating monitoring, play a significant role in decarbonizing a building’s stock. The Immoconn box can be installed in any boiler room, both in new and existing buildings.

Using the software, the fund evaluates real-time data from the boiler room using artificial intelligence and converts it into recommendations for action. This includes specifications optimized for night reduction, bacteria control, burner control, and pressure ranges. If several characteristics are present, this data can be compared across the system in terms of its efficiency. Dashboards, in which data is presented and evaluated, enable property management companies, property owners and facility managers to see firsthand where something is wrong or where improvement is needed.

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Juconn is already established in Germany

The boxes should reduce service costs in the long run. This would also alleviate the problem of shortage of skilled labor almost everywhere. According to Juconn, heating costs can be reduced by up to 20 percent in a very short time. “We have already been able to successfully offer our solutions to many clients throughout Germany. The funding gives us the opportunity to expand our sales further and grow together with our team and partners,” says Julian Dou, Managing Director of Juconn.

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Lead Investor Grünwald Equity is an investor group with many years of experience in energy supplies with renewable energies, craft businesses and software solutions. “In terms of the successful transition to heating, digital heating management is a quickly viable option that has been shown to reduce costs and, above all, CO2 emissions. We believe in the potential of heating control and look forward to embarking on the path of decarbonization of the construction sector together with Immoconn says Christian Koenig, chief investment officer at Grünwald Equity.