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Heavy rain, hail and hurricane-force winds: violent storms over Germany

Heavy rain, hail and hurricane-force winds: violent storms over Germany

Ironically, severe thunderstorms erupted in parts of Germany during the DFB’s round of 16 match against Denmark on Saturday. At the Dortmund stadium, heavy rain began after about half an hour, with lightning and thunder. The players ran back to the dressing room, and waterfalls cascaded down from the roof onto the lower stands. The match resumed 20 minutes later.

Due to the storm, public performances at Friedensplatz and Westfalenpark were cancelled, the Dortmund police announced. In Gelsenkirchen, too, public viewings had to end early due to the storm front. According to the federal police, lightning struck Dortmund's main station and on the railway line between Dortmund and Hamm. According to initial findings, no one was injured, a spokeswoman for the federal police said. The railway line was therefore briefly closed, but reopened after inspections. There was therefore no serious damage to the main station.

The German Meteorological Service warns of heavy rain and hail

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) had previously warned of regional heavy rains, severe storms, cyclonic storms and hail – especially in southwestern Germany. As the evening and night progress, the focus of the storm shifts to the east.

Going to the public viewing is not recommended, said Tobias Reinartz, a meteorologist at the DWD in Offenbach, on Saturday. “It can be very dangerous if you are out in the open.” The DWD strongly recommends keeping an eye on the warning status and weather developments.

Due to a severe weather warning for the evening hours, the Frankfurt/Main fan zone remained closed on Saturday.

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First heat, then storms in Bavaria

Severe thunderstorms with occasional heavy rain and hurricane-force winds are also expected in parts of Bavaria. DWD initially issued a heat advisory due to temperatures reaching 34 degrees. People should drink plenty of fluids, keep cool inside and avoid heat.

According to the forecast, severe thunderstorms may occur in northern Bavaria in the evening and at night – and the Lower Franconia region in particular may be affected. Locally, “very heavy” heavy rainfall of up to 80 liters per square meter is likely as well as hail and storms. Local tornadoes with speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour cannot be ruled out.