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Heidenreichstein - Post's reaction to constant anger: The person who delivers is history

Heidenreichstein – Post’s reaction to constant anger: The person who delivers is history

A lot of frustration has arisen among some Heidensteiner in the past few weeks with packages being handed over by the Post Office. After many NÖN reports about the disturbances and the new complaint: The Post spokesperson confirmed the dismissal of the person involved in the extradition.

According to Österreichische Post AG, the cooperation with the former “cargo ship” – a subcontractor – ended last weekend after several follow-up trainings, none of which were fruitful. “It just wasn’t the expected quality.”

After complaints were made, for example, about packages that appeared to be “thrown out of a car window” in the driveway, or a package that was left in a garage a kilometer and a half from the drop-off location, it was accidentally discovered by a passer-by—and by then turning himself in, a reader exploded. Another for NÖN last Thursday’s The Collar. For the fifth time since October, a deliveryman in a white delivery van without a sticker and with a Vienna license plate left a parcel on his doorstep, he complained, and in rainy weather at the time: he learned after complaining to the post office that it had already worn off—the callback required had not come— Just to help via NÖN.

Unwanted parking is prohibited

What postal customers can expect from the new connector can be read here in October: “After ringing, you need to wait a certain amount of time, otherwise a notice will be left and the parcel will be deposited at the nearest post office.”

This notice is only deleted if customers give express permission to park for a specific location.