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YAROOMS is taking the natural next step in its workplace management program to help customers reduce their carbon footprint

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BUCHAREST, Romania, March 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Companies with zero-carbon goals have an easier task today thanks to YAROOMS’ new workplace emissions monitoring capabilities and carbon dashboard.

YAROOMS is a workplace expertise software company on a mission to help companies become carbon neutral. The company started in 2010 as a conference room reservation system, and has since grown into a leading workplace experience solution. Many companies around the world are using these today to bring back secure, future-proof, and happy workplaces: from simple office booking to fully hybrid workflows.

“As a global workplace experience platform, we have always focused on solving workplace challenges through innovative solutions. Our unique approach has helped hundreds of companies adopt hybrid business models during the pandemic, so it is only natural that we continue to innovate to support our clients’ long-term sustainability goals,” said Drago Badie. , CEO of YAROOMS, Tracking work-related carbon emissions is the first step in a new class of workplace software—programs that put goals first and enable employees to actively contribute to them.

Today, the CO2 tracking capabilities the company is working on are fully integrated into the YAROOMS platform. Now workplace executives can seamlessly and accurately track their carbon emissions when planning their work – whether remote or in the office.

Businesses and office managers can access a real-time carbon dashboard that can integrate with building management systems or provide estimates based on energy bills. This makes it easy to monitor and report Scope 2 CO2 emissions for each office facility location, as well as a company’s Scope 3 emissions from commuting and working from home.

Clients can then use the carbon dashboard to estimate future consumption of individual office resources (such as water, electricity or gas), understand their carbon footprint and track their progress in reducing.

The product update also includes AI autopilot to allocate office space in the most efficient way to reduce energy consumption and increase employee satisfaction.

YAROOMS provides best-in-class workplace experience solutions to companies in more than 50 countries, with a focus on markets such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy. His clients include financial institutions, government agencies, or educational institutions such as Columbia University, Daedalus, the National Health Service, AAA, and Dr. Martinez and Sired.

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