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Who will hold the pole?

Who will hold the pole?

7:44 PM

Moto3 Q1: Cycles Canceled

Several tours have been cancelled. Bender lags too. Instead, teammate McVeigh is now in charge. Koffler is second and Sora and Adrian Fernandez is fourth. But many drivers write their best times for the red sector in the time display. The rating will change again soon.

7:41 PM

Moto3 Q1: Early Fall

Fellon starts the session with a fall in Turn 16. However, it’s just a harmless slip. He can head into the pits and definitely get right back on track. The situation is different with Tatay, who also fell, but seems to have gone too far.

Meanwhile, the other drivers are making their first flying course. Binder marks the first scent with 2:17850 minutes.

7:34 pm

Moto3 Q1: continues

The first qualifying session of the day is coming. Twelve drivers are represented in this first quarter, including Petronas’ drivers McPhee and Binder. Koffler is also there. As always, only the four fastest riders will advance in one lap.

7:10 pm

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6:42 pm

Moto2 FT3: Qualified directly for the second quarter

Raul Fernandez (Calix)
Remy Gardner (Calyx)
Fabio Di Giannantonio (Calix)
I Ogura (Calyx)
Augusto Fernandez (Calix)
Sam Lewis (Calyx)
Cameron Popper (Calyx)
Marco Besecki (Calix)
Aaron Kaneh (Boscoscoro)
Albert Arenas (Boscoscoro)
Jorge Navarro (Boscoscoro)
Simon Corsi (Calyx)
Jake Dixon (Calyx)
Xavi Virgo (Calix)

6:40 pm

Moto2 FT3: Schrotter in 16th place

Schrotter just missed his Q2 direct entry as his 16th. Only 0.058 seconds are missing. Lüthi failed even in the narrowest 15th place. His difference from the last place in the top 14 is only eight thousand. In the end, that’s not enough for arbolino either. He will be eighteen.

6:38 pm

Moto2 FT3: Fernandes vs. Gardner

As if we suspected it, two Ajo pilots tweaked the tap order again at the end. Raul Fernandez again had the best time with 2:09.258 minutes, and Gardner came in second, 61 milliseconds. Di Giannantonio returns to third place. It is already short 0.475 seconds.

Ogura and Augusto Fernandez completed the top five. They are followed by Lowes, Beaubier, Bezzecchi, Canet and Arenas in the remaining top ten. Behind them, Navarro, Corsi, Dixon and Ferg are also leading on one lap.

6:24 pm

Moto2 FT3: Intermediate result

It has become quiet on the road. Many drivers in the pits. In the general standings, with Raul Fernandez, Gardner and Luis, she is still three times faster than yesterday at the front. Behind them are Dixon, Augusto Fernandez, Bobier, Arbolino, Navarro, Ogora and Canet.

There is still ten good minutes left to drive.

6:16 pm

Moto2 FT3: Light and Shadow in Proper Mode

As more and more drivers got better, Schrotter pulled out of the top 14 drivers in the overall standings. The German was no faster than yesterday. He has to add more in the remaining 20 minutes to create the Q2 live feed.

Things are going much better for healthy and rookie teammate Arbolino, who was already doing well on Friday. He is currently in sixth place.

6:10 pm

Moto2 FT3: Ajo duo came out on top

After five laps, Raul Fernandez again tops the standings. His teammate Gardner is second. But yesterday’s best time was still missing a few tenths. However, some drivers have already improved, such as local champion Beaubier. He is in third place.

6:02 PM

Moto2 FT3: Manzi is allowed to drive

Manzi is the first driver who can improve from yesterday. But that’s no feat for him either, because the Pons driver wasn’t allowed out on the track on Friday. A week ago, he took part in a Supersport race in Jerez without consulting officials. So he’s doing his first laps in Austin today.

6:00 pm

Moto2 FT3: Navarro has early problems

Continues with Moto2. Yesterday the record was 2:09.880 minutes for Raul Fernandez, who quickly got used to the new track as a beginner.

Navarro had technical problems yesterday and lost a lot of training time as a result. So far it has been seen next to the track several times. Something still seems wrong.