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Heinz-Christian Strache with Kurt Krömer for Herbert Kickl, Jörg Haider and Back

Heinz-Christian Strache with Kurt Krömer for Herbert Kickl, Jörg Haider and Back

The former vice chancellor and leader of the FPÖ party defended his former party and his statements in the Ibiza video on German TV: “I am not corrupt.”

Heinz-Christian Strache, president of the German Football Association who fell as a guest of German comedian Kurt Krumer on Tuesday. In the new episode of “Chez Krömer”, which can already be watched online, the former vice chancellor and comedian trade violent blows – the usual in the RBB format – where personal insults are not lost.

When asked about the circles in which Strach moved as a teenager, he said, “I was definitely someone who moved in a far-right scene, but I wasn’t a Nazi. I think you should know everyone’s personal history. I was in boarding school and then I looked at everything, I was At all parties. Then he was also in such circles.

“Clash of Clans”

After twelve minutes of arguing, he briefly became apolitical. Cromer asks Strache, “Which league are you in in Clash of Clans: Crystal, Champion, or even Legend?” Strach replies, “I’ve been playing this with my dear son for many years, and we’re legends, yeah.” When asked about “thousands of euros” spent on this, the 53-year-old confirmed that he “paid these sums privately and no one else”. This “costs money, no doubt”. It took him “seven years or more” to achieve his place in “Clash of Clans”.

Since Strache had his cell phone on the table, Cromer also noted that the former Vice Chancellor received a message from “Clash of Clans” during the broadcast. “They still matter,” Berliner said.

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Disappointed by Kickl

On the programme, Strach also stressed that today’s FPÖ President Herbert Kekel did not write letters to him or to the late Carinthia governor Jörg Haider. Strach explained that Haider had a better knowledge of human nature, because, unlike Haider, it enabled Kekel to rise to the FPÖ.

Ibiza dispute video

Regarding the legendary Ibiza videos, which were published in 2019, Strach again said he had been taken out of context in his negotiations with the alleged oligarch and explained several times in the seven-hour conversation that it was “not for sale” to be. Cromer saw it differently.

Looking back, Strach said of the scandal, “I’m glad the assassination went like this and I’m alive today.”

Personal attacks

At least Strache did not want to rule out another political comeback. Failure is part of him, he said of his so far unsuccessful team HC Strache, you have to get up more than you fall.

Otherwise, there were personal accusations from both sides. Cromer once accused Strach of “laughing hard”. Strache later mocked the show: “You’re sweating, you look nervous.” The 30-minute argument ended without a handshake.