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Helen Fisher: You won’t give up on this kid!

Pop star Helen Fisher was beaten up by a little girl. In the successful ARD program of Kai Pflaume “Klein gegen Groß” the most successful singer in Germany was pushed to the limit and thus lost the duel.

Helen Fisher: Defeated by 10-year-olds

Ten-year-old singer Julia competed on Saturday night. The two already knew each other. Helen Fisher has already brought the little girl on stage twice at her concerts. Helen Fisher: “I can’t help but look into those sad little eyes.” But the friendship has now turned into a competition. You know Little Giulia’s repertoire of Helen Fisher songs better than the singer herself? The little fan surprised all viewers and the pop star himself.

Within seconds, the student was able to identify all the songs without difficulty. Helen Fisher got into a lot of trouble and lost the duel. Who would have thought that she wouldn’t be able to recognize her songs so quickly?

Helen Fisher: Your baby bump wasn’t a problem here either

As a bonus, presenter Kai Pflaume had a big surprise for amateur dancer Giulia. Because she loves to ride too – so she got an annual subscription to a riding lesson. But this was not the only award for the ten-year-old girl: the famous star Helen Fischer invited the little girl and her family to her huge party in Munich on August 20. By the way, the show was taped a few weeks ago. Helen Fisher’s pregnancy hasn’t been a problem – nor has it been recently with “Wetten, dass..?” When Thomas Gottschalk tries to talk to Helene Fischer about the good news. “This is private, you can ask me again behind the scenes.”

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