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NSErleen (DPA) – Fans are eagerly awaiting the new song from Helen Fisher This Friday.

The singer, who celebrated her 37th birthday yesterday, posted a first taste of Instagram two days before her “Vamos a marte” video is scheduled to premiere Friday night at 6.45pm on YouTube: “I can’t take it any longer.” She wrote that she could hardly wait for it on her own.

The following lines can be heard in pop song snippets on Discobeat: “Vamos a marte, we speak one language. You feel what I’m saying. You’re reading my body — not the words.” In the video, Fisher wears a short shiny top with shoulder pads, a ponytail, large hoop earrings with rhinestones, and black Marlene pants.

Fischer (“Atemlos”) announced the new song in July: “On August 6, 2021 you will finally start! Love this song – with the great Luis Fonsi!” In 2017, Fonsi landed on the world hit “Despacito”, which is still the summer’s most successful hit. A chart-topping success in Germany today. Fischer sang several times with Fonsi, for example in the Christmas “Helene Fischer Show” in 2018.

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