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'Celebrity Big Brother': Saturday 1 confirms more surprises from the nominees

‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Saturday 1 confirms more surprises from the nominees

Updated Aug 6, 2021 at 10:56 AM

  • On Friday, “Celebrity Big Brother” goes to the next round.
  • Reality TV star Daniela Buchner will be teleporting to the TV container right on the show.
  • In addition, broadcaster Sat.1 has confirmed the presence of other surprise candidates.

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Just a few hours before the new season of “Brumi’s older brotherEight residents have already moved, and more will be added in the opening sequence.

One of the candidates who will begin her mission in space directly on the program is reality TV star Daniela Buchner. The announcer announced this on the evening of August 5.

In addition to Büchner, TV icon Jörg Draeger will be taken to the live broadcast. The announcer had previously announced that the . file “It all goes off!” – Supervisor is there too it will be.

well assured Saturday 1 The other surprise candidates who will meet the space dwellers live on Friday: actor Danny Liedtke, known from “Cologne 50667,” and kickboxing world champion Mary Lang is also moving into the container.

Is this former playmate moving to the PBB container?

According to the “picture” information Another candidate draws into the world of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Friday night: he is said to be model and “playmate of the century” Gitta Saxx. Sat.1 has yet to confirm the 56-year-old’s participation.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’: These celebs have already gone into space

Additionally, Saturday 1 had previously confirmed that the first eight celebrities had been in space since Wednesday. This year’s nominees will be sent to a crowded space station or the luxurious Big Planet.

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There’s former lottery showrunner Heike Maurer, ballermann singer Melanie Muller, ex-“bachelors” co-host Ravi Raschik, “Power represented Frau” star Uwe Appel, “The Bachelor” but not winning Mimi Gozos, ex-handball player Eric Senderman, clairvoyant Daniel Krebish and Ina Ugo, the wife of former professional soccer player Denis Ugo.

The grand opening will take place tomorrow, August 6, from 8.15 p.m. on Saturday 1. More episodes of “Brummy Big Brother” will be broadcast live every day. Supervisors Marilyn Lofven and Jochen Schrop lead the programmes.

Photo: SAT.1/Marc Rehbeck; The reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” started SAT.1 and above JOYN to see

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ goes to the next round and these eight celebrities are there! The ninth season of the reality TV show kicks off on August 6th on Saturday 1. It is now known which daring and superstars are arming themselves for the task in the unknown.

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