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Nature destroying Insta photos: Ban is under-used

Nature destroying Insta photos: Ban is under-used

The stream with natural “pools” above the Königssee River has always been a popular destination. However, through social networks, the attractiveness of this place has again properly grown. Several signs draw the attention of visitors to Berchtesgaden National Park to the fact that the waterfall may not be entered.

Photo series with 7 photos

“People come and want to take this picture”

However, many ignore it, as recent posts on social networks show: photos from pools are happily posted on the Internet. Those caught doing so will receive a tip: €200 will be charged.

“A lot of people come from further afield,” says national park ranger Klaus Melde. “From Holland, England, France, Italy or the Czech Republic. They simply say: We’ve been through this long journey, and we won’t let that deter us. We want to capture this photo, which is still floating around all over social media. And they are not deterred by these warning signs and signals Stop saying it costs something. They want the image and ignore everything else around them.”

Vegetation has been crushed

The area will remain closed until at least 2026, the security risk posed by selfie hunters is too great, and the damage to plants, some of which have been completely crushed, is too great.

“The comment was actually the last step. Because everything we tried – working with the signs etc – didn’t work. People ignore it, and we have one on YouTube detailing that path to the waterfall. Standing in front of the ‘life hazard’ sign, then saying very clearly : “Yes, yes, it says ‘life danger’, but you don’t have to pay attention to that. It’s not that dangerous. You can definitely go there. People look at something like this and then imitate it. Why should they think about it when he says: It’s easy to walk there.”

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Nature Conservation vs. Social Networking: Ban Ignored

Social networks often attract those who want to stay longer in the Königsee and camp there, although this is also prohibited in the national park area. Waste is often left behind, the National Park Service noted.

Ideas for new tours: GPS trajectory instead of precise planning

Social networks can also inspire other hikers to start new rides. This poses an additional risk, notes Bernd Treacher, area manager for the Pinsgau Mountain Rescue Service. Since there’s often no discussion about the route and destination or tour planning: “People want to go somewhere, download some GPS tracks, but have absolutely no idea where they’re going,” says Tritscher. And things posted on social media are always the personal opinion of individuals. I have to deal with that: is that my level now? “

It should also not be forgotten that taking pictures and then posting them often requires a lot of battery. A mobile phone is part of the emergency equipment when hiking in the mountains. The Mountain Rescue Service warns that the battery must remain at least half full on tours.