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Herbal hike with Eunike Grahofer – Waidhofen / Thaya

Herbal hike with Eunike Grahofer – Waidhofen / Thaya

WAIDHOFEN / THAYA – In perfect weather, we took a grass walk last Saturday with nature teacher and well-known author Eunike Grahofer in Waidhofen / Thaya. Many interested people came, even from the Czech Republic, to get to know the local flora better together. You know a lot of the little plants all the way by their looks, but you really don’t know anything about them. What is the name of the plant? Is it edible or poisonous? Most importantly, what can I do with it? Grahofer answers these questions and more in a very understandable way.

From an elder to a stinking Kranspil
Most people know black elderberry, but there is also a red elderberry, which is also non-toxic. However, the cores must be removed here. Many delicacies can be conjured up from both varieties. But Speedwell, Burnett, Quendel and St. John’s wort are also highly recommended for health. Cranesbill stink is a polarizing plant. Either you like it or you find it stinky. He used to chew the roots to reduce hunger pangs.

Time passed and all the participants were enthusiastic and were able to take home a lot of useful information with them. You can also read a lot in Grahofer’s famous books or buy them at your natural store.

Interest in local nature and appreciation
Such lectures arouse the interest of young and old in local plants and their uses. You see everything with different eyes and what used to be weeded is now grown in the natural garden and used successfully in the kitchen and medicine cabinet.

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