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Here's how many billionaires there are in America and the cities they live in

Here's how many billionaires there are in America and the cities they live in

About 5.5 million millionaires live in the United States, according to Henley & Partners' wealth report.

No wonder New York City has the most millionaires. The Bay Area and LA follow.

But the “Millionaire Remix” means more wealthy people are moving to Austin and West Palm Beach.

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Consulting firm Henley & Partners recently released its annual report on American prosperity. There is something in this ranking Among America's Richest Cities in Number of Millionaires

The top five positions are unchanged from last year's report. But Henley & Partners noted a so-called “millionaire remix” in recent years, with more affluent Americans and foreign expats opting for cities like Austin and West Palm Beach.

According to the report, around 5.5 million People are the most billionaires in the world. According to the report, nearly 10,000 people with assets of more than 100 million US dollars (about 92.6 million euros) and almost 800 billionaires live in the United States.

These are the 11 regions in the U.S. with the largest millionaire populations, as listed in a Henley & Partners report, based on data from wealth research firm New World Wealth.

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These are the US cities with the most millionaires, according to data

New York City skyline

Charlie Triplev/AFP via Getty Images

1. New York City

Aerial view of the San Francisco skyline in San Francisco, California on May 30, 2023.

Brandon Slaughter/Getty Images

2. The Bay Area

Los Angeles, California

Photo by Neil Pritchard/Getty Images

3. Los Angeles

A sunrise shines over the Chicago skyline and the swift, icy waters of Lake Michigan at Montrose Beach on January 16, 2024.

Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

4. Chicago

Skyline view of Houston, Texas with skyscrapers

Michael Keppeler/Image Alliance via Getty Images

5. Houston

Seattle, Washington State, USA, People walking on Lake Union with the Seattle skyline in the background.

Wolfgang Kähler/Lightrocket via Getty Images

Other top billionaire cities include Seattle, Miami and Austin

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