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High-quality cheese: goodies from "heaven" - Unterbachrainerhof for the Harlander

High-quality cheese: goodies from “heaven” – Unterbachrainerhof for the Harlander

Quality from regional production – what makes consumers happy is created at the Unterbachrainerhof with commitment and skill.

Taxenbach. Margit Harlander is excited when she talks about her farm in Taxenbach:

“We set up the dairy on my father-in-law’s farm, who was still part-time, from scratch and working full-time — and that fits us perfectly as a family.”

We – Margit and her husband Gerhard Harlander, their children Valentina and Killian and parents-in-law, who all actively help out on the farm. Work “sometimes exhausting, sometimes calmer again” – what is important is the love of nature, animals and the originality of the products made. Harlanders has been producing the finest raw cheeses from fresh, unpasteurized cow’s milk for over 16 years. This is “a bit tricky” and requires a lot of care and the best quality milk –

But the taste of a pure natural product is simply incredible.

According to Maria Harlander. It is also important to be able to measure yourself against competitors in various competitions:

“This ensures quality and you know your position with your products.”

Unterbachrainer’s raw milk cheese varieties have already won a number of awards – most recently two gold and one silver at the 2022 Salzburg Dairy Awards. Cream cheese – pickled with herbs or cream cheese balls – is also on sale.

“We sell a lot through retail,”

Margit tells Harlander. “

Collaboration works very well there. But you can also shop in our farm store – by telephone agreement. ”

Eleven dairy cows, young cattle, chickens, pigs, cats, dogs and lots of freedom:

“This is our little paradise that we sow with gratitude”,

The young farmer’s wife rejoices. The exemplary success and influence of local businesses prove their validity.

“The farm is a loan that you can work with, but it needs to be passed on to the next generation – and as far as possible.”