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First-class guests at the A1 Get-Together in the Böglerhof » Leadersnet

First-class guests at the A1 Get-Together in the Böglerhof » Leadersnet

| Tobias Seyfried

| 08/22/2022

The Communications Group’s invitation was accepted by the Federal Chancellor, a number of ministers, CEOs and leadership of the Forum.

A1 has the right to the opening day European Forum Albach (EFA) was invited to meet at the well-known Böglerhof. And the density of first-class guests in 4 star hotel It was high. No wonder the hosts, Thomas Arnoldner, President of A1 Telekom Austria, and Marcus Graussam, CEO of A1 Austria, were very satisfied.

After the solemn part, the main focus of the evening event was communication in a relaxed atmosphere. First, Arnoldner and Graussam talked about the company’s current projects, such as the new one fiber optic partnership with three.

ÖVP President and Chancellor Karl Nahammer at the A1 event was accompanied by members of the government Johannes Rauch (Minister of Health, The Greens) and Susan Raab (Minister of Family Affairs, ÖVP) © LEADERSNET / A. FEBD

First class guests

The guest list included Chancellor Karl Nahammer, Family Minister Susan Raab, Agriculture Minister Norbert Tuechnig, Health Minister Johannes Rauch, Forum Chair Andreas Trichel, Secretary General for Education for All Ferry Thierry, outgoing Magenta CEO Andreas Berwirth, and CEO of DRE. Rudolf Shravel ÖBAG Interim Board Member Kristen Canasta, CEO Verbund Michael Strögl, President of OBB Andreas Matza, CEO Erste Bank Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller, Former Forum Chair Franz Fischler, CTO Magenta Volker Libovsky, President of Neos Beate Meinl-Reisinger, Minister of Digital State Florian Tursky, RTR Managing Director Klaus M. Steinmoor, KSV1870 CTO Ricardo-Horsé Vybiral, Former Minister of Economy and former A1 President Margarete Schramböck, former Magenta Director and current Takkt President Maria Zesch.

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Leadercent He was present at the event. You can find impressions on our website Gallery.