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‘Hold Me Right’: Melissa Nashenwing talks about great love on ‘Vera’.

‘Hold Me Right’: Melissa Nashenwing talks about great love on ‘Vera’.

“At the age of 25, I wanted to be a mother and be married. And like my mother, I have a normal job. I work Monday through Friday and be home with my friends on the weekends,” Nashenwing said Friday night. ORF “Vera” program. But things turned out differently!

The 32-year-old rocker Lederhosen admitted to Vera Russwurm: “It’s incredible what love for music has made of me. I’ve never loved to travel before, I didn’t like to travel, I didn’t want to sleep in a hotel. Now I can’t imagine it becoming Normal anymore. I got addicted: feeling like I’m always on the go, meeting new people. I’ve never been like this before.”

Carinthian also gave unusually intimate insights into her love life when Vera Roswurm debuted her new single, “Schleich De.” It’s about a one-night stand from a woman’s point of view. “You’re more used to the opposite,” Nashenwing says. At Stuido, she and her team laughed a lot because never before had she talked about the subject in this way — and it wasn’t a problem for her either, because the Lischtal native still believes in great love: “A one-night stand like that was never an option for me. Whenever I have someone, I’m always in love.”

Individual internal tour

Following her chart-topping title, Gluck, the Liesachtal native is kicking off the new year with another highlight. Her first solo indoor tour “Bergbauern-Tour 2023” is coming up from March 24th to May 27th across nine cities across Austria. The pop princess has made a lot of plans for it. “I dare to take this step. I’ve always dreamed of it. The first mountain farmers’ tour will take place between March and May. What’s important to me: there must be a little mountain farmers’ flair. Find out if we’re going to Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna Put a few bales of hay In them – you should be like a family. To give people a piece of happiness – as I called my album.

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Editorial Helen Fisher

Last year’s Naschenweng was actually highlighted on October 1 in Bad Hofgastein: like opening for Helene Fischer. “It was totally appreciative of me, I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, which shows so nicely that she gives me the chance to play in front of her. Then I met her. It was so incredibly warm and lovely, an everlasting experience. There were almost 40,000, dad.” From the audience, I saw that he was shouting with joy.”

Helen Fisher and Melissa Nashenwing
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