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Since “Trautmann” he can hardly see his eyes: the actor Wolfgang Puck is 70 years old

Since “Trautmann” he can hardly see his eyes: the actor Wolfgang Puck is 70 years old

He was discovered by the great advocate for little people, author Ernst Hinterberger (died 2012), as a “serial criminal” in uniform 30 years ago. He saw it with the native of Innsbruck au-Vienna Adi Hershal (74) When they sang the “Strizzi” songs, charming as they were ordinary, at the Rabenhof.

Hinterberger, who “never invented a character, the characters found me,” knew within a tenth of a second: “That’s it, Trautmann!”

Marian Mindt (77), Getty Shemick Since then, I’ve auditioned Bok for seven years as “one of the dearest fellows in my television history; people talk to me on the street and ask me: ‘Keep quiet, won’t you?'”

Addie Hershal quickly recognized “Grumpy Bear with a Heart of Gold” and the apt addition: “He has a penchant for technology, I’m anti-screwdriver.”

Böck rides a Ducati on two wheels and a Jaguar on “four feet”, both of whom have been in the stable several times. Will something hurt at 70? “Yes,” he admits, “everything.” First and foremost, the two-time Rome winner has a back tingle. Maybe the long-awaited cross of honor will help? – It’s still enough for traditional curling with your close buddies.

Marianne Mendt gives comfort: “We’re in an age where you think it’s Christmas every three months, it goes by so fast.” Bok’s mother is 95 – and his great role model: ‘When he’s a frog, how’s it going,’ he says, ‘I’m satisfied.’ Well, what more could you ask for?”

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