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Hollywood Makeup Artist from Oberwickelling –

Hollywood Makeup Artist from Oberwickelling –

The cadastral community of Oberwickling (St. Pölten district) has a population of 1,157, including a make-up artist who has learned from the big names in Hollywood. About two years ago, Alexandra Wehrer gave up her secure job and went to Los Angeles.

There she learned at the “Cinema Makeup School” everything she needed for special mask effects for complex film productions. She even presented one of her creations at Monsterpalooza, a horror film, creature and makeup convention. “Then she stood on stage next to an Oscar-winning mask who was also explaining one of her masks there. “It was just an indescribable feeling,” the 29-year-old says.

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Starting the training initially came as a shock: “Then you come to the big city as a country town and you just think, ‘What’s going on here?’ But for my job, it’s a dream there, there are completely different options and techniques than in Austria.

The former accountant had to spend a lot of time convincing family and friends to pursue her dream. “I always said, ‘No, I didn’t dare,’ but through constant persuasion it became something.” Wehrer talks about the inner desire to want to create something creative: “This transformation, this creativity, it is fascinating to me.” Models are usually unrecognizable after applying makeup.

“I don’t know where I’ll end up.”

Today she is happy because she took the big step and put everything on one card. The job takes her to all kinds of places in the world. A year ago, for example, she was part of the men’s World Cup team in Qatar, doing make-up for artists at shows – “It was like a six-week holiday. I still can’t believe today that this is my job and how amazing it is.

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In Austria, of course, there are more requests for weddings and traditional make-up for series or films than for monsters and aliens. She doesn’t know where she will end up in the future. “Makeup has its advantages, of course, but the big dream is to see my creations on the big screen at some point — and then maybe I’ll get an Oscar for Best Makeup,” she says with a laugh. .

Hollywood Makeup Artist from Oberwickelling

Aliens, monsters and zombie heads – Alexandra Wehrer creates latex and silicone masks for special effects in films and television. The Lower Austrian learned her craft at one of Hollywood’s most prestigious makeup schools in Los Angeles.