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Robert De Niro: “You cook and I’ll bring in the investors.”

Robert De Niro: “You cook and I’ll bring in the investors.”

Unhappy in Los Angeles

Although the 1980s began for De Niro, they ended poorly, namely with three films that all failed. This frustrated him. This die-hard New Yorker also didn’t like spending too much time in Los Angeles, the center of the movie world. He never liked this city. However, one man managed to improve his stay, at least from a culinary standpoint. Japanese sushi chef Nobuo Matsuhisa opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1987, where De Niro loved to eat. “I’m not a great cook, so I appreciate good food,” he said. De Niro soon invited Matsuhisa to come to New York to tell him about his plans Persuasion: “Here in Tribeca we’re opening a restaurant together. You cook and I will bring the investors.” But that did not happen – for the time being. The Japanese’s doubts were very great.

But the actor couldn’t be dissuaded from the idea of ​​opening his own restaurant in Tribeca. It was very important to him to revitalize “TRiangle BElow CAnal Street” culturally, economically and culinaryly, as he himself was one of the most famous residents and at the same time one of the most important investors here. In 1990, his dream finally came true when Tribeca Grill opened its doors. From day one, artists, filmmakers, businessmen and politicians flocked to it Restaurant on Greenwich Street -And they still do today.

But gourmet De Niro was not satisfied with this. It still bothers him that he has to travel to Los Angeles Matsuhisa Enjoy sashimi, the famous toro tartare with caviar and black cod in miso. Thanks to his characteristic persistence, De Niro was able to direct Matsuhisa to Tribeca four years later. This culinary project was also a great success. There are now more than 60 Nobu restaurants worldwide, 17 of which are in Europe.

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Despite Robert De Niro’s success as a businessman, he has always remained loyal to acting. He recently turned 80 years old. But this is no reason for him to tone down his tone. He is still in front of the camera several days a year, most recently with… Leonardo DiCaprio In the Scorsese movie “Moonflower Killers.” After the premiere in Cannes, there was a standing ovation for minutes. De Niro will soon experience this again in his hometown. Because in September, New Yorkers will celebrate their favorite on his birthday. where? In Tribeca, of course, for three days.