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What King Charles’ grandson George shouted shortly before his coronation

What King Charles’ grandson George shouted shortly before his coronation

British King Charles He showed his comic side shortly before his coronation in May this year: the King can be seen joking in a new BBC documentary aimed at providing a behind-the-scenes look at the historic day. In the clip, Charles – wearing his faded robe – raises his arm and jokes towards his pages and his grandson Prince George: “i can fly.” The documentary, titled “Charles III: The Year of the Coronation,” is scheduled to be broadcast on December 26.

Prince George was the page of honor

prince George He had a special role in the coronation: he was in Westminster Abbey with three other boys Honorary page His grandfather Charles is at work. Later, the three grandchildren and their cousins ​​waved to the cheering crowds from the balcony.

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It has been Charles since his mother died Queen Elizabeth II On September 8, 2022, the king. The coronation simply symbolized his accession to office. It was the first coronation of a British monarch in 70 years and the first of a monarch in 86 years. Since no such coronation ritual exists in royal families in other countries, the celebration was a unique and historic event for the vast majority of guests.

Annabelle Elliott In the documentary, she describes how “surreal” the sight of her older sister was Queen Camilla That was the day.

After the two-hour service, the royal couple traveled to Buckingham Palace on the 261-year-old Golden State Bus, which is used only for coronations. Charles’s sister Princess Anne He rode – despite the rain – behind the carriage. Thousands of soldiers from the British Army and Commonwealth countries marched in the magnificent procession.

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But not everyone likes this splendor. It was the duration of the coronation procession of King Charles III. Only about a quarter of the distance his mother traveled 70 years ago. However, opponents of the monarchy used the day to protest, with demonstrations being held in several British cities with chants such as “Down with the Crown.”