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Honda’s electronic clutch has been disengaged!

Honda’s electronic clutch has been disengaged!

Artistic sense: Honda is pulling the plug on its new technology called ‘Honda E-Clutch’ – an electronically controlled clutch.

How does this system work? From the driver’s point of view, all clutch operations are unnecessary: ​​when starting, shifting or stopping, the electronic clutch takes over the clutch pull. In contrast to Honda’s successful DCT system, you still have to change gears manually.

Basically, we already know that, Also on very prominent Honda models: the Super Cub – the most popular two-wheeler in the world – or the new Dax also offers automatic clutch. But there is a centrifugal clutch, while Honda’s new E-Clutch is an electronically controlled system intended to enable more precise and more sensitive clutch operation. Honda even promises “smoother starting, shifting and stopping that is more natural than that achieved through manual clutch operation by the driver.”

In contrast to centrifugal clutches The clutch lever will continue to be installed through which the driver can intervene to control or correct the car.

The magic of Honda’s new electronic clutch: It can be used in various engines, including current models, without major changes to the engine architecture (and perhaps at a lower cost and with less additional weight compared to a DCT). Honda seems to have exactly this in mind. No further details have been provided yet; It is scheduled to be introduced in the near future, according to the release. We expect the premiere to debut in one or more 2024 models.