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The iPhone shuts itself down overnight, this is what users are complaining about

The iPhone shuts itself down overnight, this is what users are complaining about

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some iPhone Apparently developing A kind of life of its ownWhile their owners sleep. They turn themselves off and come back to life just before the alarm goes off. Last night was exactly that It happens to a lot of peopleOf which one Reddit thread in question witnesses.

The SIM PIN was requested in the morning

how 9to5mac reportsMost of those affected noticed the mysterious process because their iPhone suddenly asked them in the morning Enter your SIM card PIN. shouted the depressed users Records battery charge status To check if the device is turned off during the night. They were able to confirm the temporary break.

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Definitely not a normal reboot

“What particularly concerns me is that the device It was stopped for 4 hours It was: I would have guessed it was wrong if it was Restart within one minute But why does it stay off for 4 hours and then magically turn on exactly half an hour before the alarm goes off?” asks Reddit user nathan_lesage.

This phenomenon occurs with iOS 17

Many other iPhone owners responded to this posting. Apparently they were Different iPhone models affected, but the common denominator between them is the operating system version iOS 17.0. Someone on 9to5mac commented that he was experiencing such self-lockdowns and unannounced reactivations on iOS 17 Already seen it several times he have. There is no official explanation for this yet.

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