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PARIS, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ HOPIUM, France’s first hydrogen-powered car manufacturer, is collaborating with Bridgestone, the global leader in tires and sustainable mobility solutions, to develop premium tires for its premium Hopium Machina sedan.

The goal of the partnership is to develop specially designed tires with low rolling resistance, an important factor in increasing the vehicle’s range to 1,000 km. The tires are developed using Bridgestone’s proprietary virtual tire development technology, which offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

As part of the overall Bridgestone E8 commitment, the company is committed to supporting the achievement of a sustainable society by creating customer-focused social value alongside its partners in all aspects of its business and operations.

Olivier Lombard, CEO and founder of Hopium, said: “From the beginning, Hopium has been honored to partner with the best in their field. This strategic agreement with a world renowned and leading industrial company is a milestone in our ambitious roadmap. Bridgestone has a wealth of experience developing tire and tire technologies for the latest forms of mobility and will certainly provide valuable insights into the partnership that will help us tackle the challenges ahead.”

Stephen de Bock, Vice President of Consumer Replacement and OE, Bridgestone EMIA said: “This exciting partnership with Hopium demonstrates once again that we are supporting the next generation of innovative mobility leaders. We put our recognized expertise at the service of true zero-emission mobility innovation, thus contributing to A more sustainable mobility future.

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Olivier Lombard, recent winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, founded Hopium, the manufacturer of advanced hydrogen vehicles, as a result of his personal experience as a professional racing driver. He grew up with car culture and has been driving hydrogen-powered race cars for the past seven years. This makes him the most experienced racing driver in the world in this field. The race was a kind of outdoor laboratory that allowed Olivier Lombard and his team to think about new mobility solutions to respond to current environmental challenges. With the transportation sector alone responsible for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, the company positions itself as a major player in climate change. Hopium employs a team of partners and leading experts at the forefront of innovation in hydrogen fuel cells, blockchain technology, and automotive engineering.

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Bridgestone EMIA is the regional strategic business unit of Bridgestone Corporation, the global leader in tires and sustainable mobility solutions. Headquartered in Zaventem (Belgium), Bridgestone EMIA employs more than 20,000 people and operates in 40 countries in the region.

Bridgestone offers a variety of premium tires, tire technologies and advanced mobility solutions. The company’s vision is to create social and customer-oriented added value as a sustainable solutions company. The Bridgestone E8 Commitment – a framework of eight values ​​(energy, environment, efficiency, expansion, economy, passion, lightness and empowerment) – serves as a guide to strategic priorities, decision-making, cultural development and sustainability actions to achieve this vision.

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