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‘Made in the South’: Margaretenstraße 36 is the real south of Vienna

‘Made in the South’: Margaretenstraße 36 is the real south of Vienna

600 different wines, fresh and seasonal Italian cuisine and an authentic team: “Made in Sud” lives up to its name.

Vienna / Wieden. “Buongiorno” – with this word the team of nine people greets everyone Francesco Todescohis guests. Italian flair doesn’t stop at greetings. Whether it’s the “auntie” who always brings fresh pasta, the counter with 150 different types of Italian cheese and sausage or the waiters who constantly recommend wine and prosecco to guests – Italian hospitality is guaranteed here.

Another special feature of the restaurant is that there is no menu: “We get together as a team every day and see what we have and what we can conjure up with,” reveals Todesco.

Fish, meat and pasta

“Obviously, our specialty is fish of all kinds. But what really sets us apart is the antipasti platter, which we serve with a variety of raw fish and seafood,” enthuses the native Italian. The same principle applies to this record: what is on it is in it. “We get our fish from a fisherman in Croatia. Whatever goes into his net, we put it on our plate,” he adds. We only learn that in strong storms fish sometimes come from France.

Appetizer dish with raw fish.  |  Photo: Fabian Franz

For those who don’t like fish, the little shop always offers a meat-free alternative with its 25 seats: “We concoct something for everyone,” says Todesco proudly. The constant appetizer is always five different pasta dishes. The pasta comes fresh from the aunt.

Wherever you look - wine is everywhere.  |  Photo: Fabian Franz

out and about in the markets

Todesco himself is always on the road personally in Italian markets and with winegrowers. Speaking to the area newspaper, the avid restaurateur had just returned from a 4,000km tour of Italy. “Compared to others, I know our merchants personally,” he says proudly. He concludes with a smile: “I have personally tasted all of their 600-plus wines and Prosecco wines.”

Down to work

  • Made in Sud is located at Margaretenstraße 36 in the 4th district.
  • Open Monday through Friday from 11am to 10pm
  • Reservations for the evening can be made, ideally two weeks in advance, by phone at 01 9522345.
  • In the restaurant you can only pay in cash
  • More information is available online at

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