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Hot red pepper and hot pepper: absolute love

Hot red pepper and hot pepper: absolute love

It looks a little different and at the same time familiar on the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album. In the single “Black Summer”, which opens up their new longtime lead vocalist “Ultimate Love,” you can hear it right away: string magician John Frusciante is back after 15 years and with his special guitar sound.

Californians don’t take a trip to the past after being reunited. In “Absolute Love” they are, as always, musically versatile. The song “Aquatic Mouth Dance” surprises with elements of jazz, followed by the delicate and melancholic piano ballad “Not The One”, which Frusciante enriches with wonderful guitar sounds.

The easy-to-listen trumpets in “Let’ Em Cry” are also a small stroke of genius. The radio-ready song “Veronica” begins with a semi-narcotic introduction. Smart crunch stuck in your head after first listening. In general, the song “Unlimited Love” is rich in strong melodies that the Kidis sing softly as usual.

Kiedis, who will turn 60 this year, rarely sings his typical rap to 17 songs, most notably in “Poster Girl” and “Here Ever After.” ‘These are the ways’ and ‘Heavy Wing’ are rather the exceptions with a slight grunge touch, otherwise somewhat relaxed, sad, and funky. A versatile and elegant album.

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