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How do you like Helen Fisher's new song?  «

How do you like Helen Fisher’s new song? «

“You’re reading my body,” sings Helen Fisher on the comeback song “Vamos a Marti,” which was released today. But she didn’t wear a new musical outfit for the bilingual duo.

NS Christian Audi | 7:29 PM, August 6, 2021


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Helen Fisher (37) with duo partner Luis Fonsi (43)” © (c) ORF (Michael Zargarinejad) The Helene Fischer Show – My Best Moments

So Helen Fisher today Celebrates its first radio show with “Vamos et Marte”Queen of Pop fans can’t expect an egg surprise with a stunning sound. Spanish fonts in duo with new Luis Fonsi from Puerto Rico. Musically, the song that translates as “Let’s Go to Mars”, could be good of recording sessions To “Herzepine”, “Nor Meat Ditch” and “Ashtraban”.
43 years old Fonsi He became world famous in 2017 with the summer song “Despacito” and was a guest on the Fischer TV Show and raves: “Helen is an artist who can do everything, and she is really capable of anything. And it was very exciting to get a song in German and in Spanish To sing – that’s something I’ve never done before.”

But what does he sing about? With 37 years on the way to the red planet? Taste From a catchy melody written by Fisher and Fonsi and composed with ten other co-writers (!): “I can see what you mean in your eyes… it feels like 1,000 degrees… we speak a language, you feel what I’m saying. You read my body – there is no Words can describe how I feel about you. Just millimeters between us, I have no choice . . . .”
The conclusion is But despite the catchy tune, it’s not a sweaty song, but it remains a calculated, germ-free title.

The team of authors from “Vamos a Marte”: Helen Fischer, Christoph Kronauer, Daniel Kronauer, Matthias Zurkler, Vincent Stein, Konstantin Scherer, Robin Heaves, Nico Willenbrink, Luis Fonsi, Juan Carlos Arauzo, Eduardo Ruiz, Jose Cano Carrillero.

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