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How Thiago and Rodrigo Become Superstars Together

How Thiago and Rodrigo Become Superstars Together

When Thiago spoke about Rodrigo, his eyes widened and he began to babble.

This also happened in September 2020. “I see similarities with Lewandowski, who scored a brazen number of goals,” Said the former Munich resident. Because Rodrygo “also scored a lot of hitting.”

Statistics do not provide this comparison. But Thiago is biased, too. After all, Rodrygo is his best friend – and he’s been since he was a kid in Brazil. (Premier League table)

On Monday, the comrades could have met for the first time in a league match when Rodrigues Leeds United welcome the great Liverpool side from Thiago. Problem: Rodrigo did not make it to the team due to a hamstring injury (Premier League: Leeds United – Liverpool FC Monday from 9 pm LIVETICKER time)

Thiago and Rodrigo, “Cousins ​​of Friendship”

The next chapter in the duo’s long history, which began 20 years ago, should wait a little longer.

The star duo are so closely related that for a long time there has even been a misunderstanding.

“People always thought Rodrigo and Thiago were cousins,” explains Adalberto Machado, Rodrigo’s father. The athlete Before a private fencing. “They are too, but they are not related by blood. They are cousins ​​by friendship.” He laughs, adding, “If I told you they were brothers, you had no reason not to believe it.”

“In fact, siblings are usually not the same as they used to be,” Machado adds, jokingly, of his 30-year-old grandchildren. (All about the Premier League)

Thiago and Rodrigo have been good friends since 2001

Thiago and Rodrigo have lived together since 2001. It all started at Anglo-Americano School in Rio de Janeiro.

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Machado remembers the moment he first saw Thiago while training after school. “I used to have Rodrigo standing out from the crowd. But that other boy was just so good.”

A week later, Machado, by chance, met the father of this talent. He was none other than the world champion Mazinho. Curious: The parents of today’s stars have actually had a close relationship during their careers.

From that day onwards, Rodrigo and Thiago were only available in pairs.

The star duo started together in Flamingo

“The kids learned together. We went out to eat together, and we visited each other at home. This brought us closer than ever,” Machado says.

Together, Thiago and Rodrigo performed magic on the school’s futsal courts and then joined the Flamengo youth team in June 2002. (Premier League results and schedule)

The connection became so close that the two families together left Brazil for Spain. Mazzinho played there during his career and longed for the country.

At the age of twelve, the two friends were in Europe.

Celta Vigo rejects Thiago and Rodrigo

“It wasn’t a tough decision,” Machado explains.

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The heads of household plan envisages a club in Spain: Celta Vigo. Mazinho played there as a professional.

But the two families arrived in October 2003, two months into the season. The club does not want to take the children.

Mazzinho arranged trial training for his sons Thiago, Ravinia and Rodrigo at the Ureca hobbyist club. “The coaches have lost their minds,” Machado says with a laugh.

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In fact, the club’s talents have skyrocketed in the regional league. A year later, the sensation succeeds and Ureca ousted series champion Deportivo La Coruna.

Thiago and Rodrigo separated in 2005

A little later, despite the success, disappointment reigned between Thiago and Rodrigo. Because: paths parted.

When the 2004/05 season ended, the boys underwent trial training sessions in Valencia and Barcelona and both received youth contract offers.

With Barcelona wanting both Rafinha and Thiago, Mazzinho did not have to think twice. For Machado, the decision was less clear: he hadn’t started working with his soccer school and needed a job. When Celta Vigo offered him a job at the club’s academy, he decided it would be best to let Rodrigo play there.


“It was difficult for the children,” he explains. “When Thiago and Rafa moved to Barcelona, ​​Rodrigo and Mariana felt as if they had lost their best friends.”

Thiago and Rodrigo have not been absent from each other. They talked on the phone almost every day and met during the holidays.

Thiago and Rodrigo: “We are a fairy tale”

As they got older, they began to tell each other more about their burgeoning career as a star.

Thiago moved to Bayern Munich in 2013 and Rodrigo played for Real Madrid, Bolton Wanderers, Benfica and Valencia.

In the summer of 2020 he led the two “brothers” to England. Thiago signed with Liverpool and Rodrigo signed with Leeds.

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Thiago was not present on the first day of the match at 4: 3 with Liverpool. Now the reunion has been canceled again.

Especially bitter: due to the measures to protect against corona in the league, the stars are also not allowed to meet alone.

Machado, Rodrigo’s father, still thinks: “Frankly, it’s like a Disney movie.” Movie highlights so far: Thiago and Rodrigo making appearances in the Spanish national team.