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FB Windtner President: Premier League Threatening 'Superhuman Disaster'

FB Windtner President: Premier League Threatening ‘Superhuman Disaster’

The planned Elite League must be banned in all circumstances. “Now it is up to the essential details, and now UEFA has to show its colors very clearly. The worst-case scenario is on the horizon,” the Upper Austria player told APA. Windtner, who is currently in Montreux due to the UEFA European Football Conference, also said: “There is a risk that European football could collapse and the well-known solidarity. This means a historic setback, especially for smaller countries like Austria. Our clubs will not have the opportunity to climb the balls. Fore again. “

But not only the domestic clubs, but also the local national team may be the losers in the Premier League. On the one hand, because committed players in the major clubs concerned may not be allowed to be used in their national selections, and on the other hand, because there would generally be a loss of importance for national teams if the best soccer players in the world should not. Longer playing team.

The first introductory look at EM could already be offered from June. If UEFA executes its threat, Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) will be absent. “But you have to do everything in your power to avoid a European championship without stars. Certainly, UEFA has the means to build the counter pressure,” said Windtner.

At the moment, only one Austrian will be appointed by a Premier League team since the summer – Valentino Lazaro on loan from Inter Milan to Borussia from Schengladbach until the end of the season. While many other EM participants would lose their key players in extreme cases, the bloodletting in the FB team would remain within narrow limits. “It is true that it could be an advantage for us. But if everyone starts with selfish scenarios, this monolithic structure will eventually collapse,” said Windtner.

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The Association President sincerely hopes that the plans will be withdrawn. If this does not happen, then a bleak future threatens. “If the move to the Premier League is taken, an army of top lawyers will find jobs in the next few years, and the last step will be taken in turbulent capitalism in European football,” Windtner declared. “It is clear that everyone is standing in line. Premier League – financially troubled clubs or clubs with international owners.

“Masks have been dropped”

To a certain amazement, Bundesliga coach Christian Ebenbauer also approved plans for the European Premier League football which became known on Monday. Even if this project has been haunting the media for years – the unconvincing greed with which many of the top European clubs are seeking more money has taken Vienna by surprise. But there is also a downside: “The masks have been dropped,” Ibenbau said. What was especially surprising for the league president was the time when the Super League project was published – that is, a few hours before the already controversial Champions League reform was approved, in which some people who suddenly shared the Premier League page had shared. “Even this reform has a lot of fuel. But the Premier League goes further, it goes against all good principles in European sport,” said Ebenbauer, referring to the Premier League as a “closed community” without any real promotion or relegation.

But Ebenbauer has great doubts whether a new European elite class will actually come. As far as sporting value is concerned, the League Board feels reminiscent of the “Harlem Globetrotters” or an exhibition competition. In addition, the image values ​​of the clubs in question are deteriorating. “The damage these world-famous brands do to each other in one day is enormous. I don’t know if they can hold out.”

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Much will now depend on how UEFA and FIFA proceed. Either there is an immediate withdrawal of the Premier League announcement, or the umbrella organizations, and we hope the leagues will take legal action, ”said Ebenbauer.

No home club is likely to be in danger of succumbing to the temptations of millions in the Premier League. “It cannot be assumed that an Austrian club will be invited. But at the moment, our clubs are shaking their heads about it,” said Ebenbauer.


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