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How to Play Spanish 21: Rules, Odds & Basic Strategy

When it comes to casino games, there are so many options. There’s something for every type of casino-goer, from table games to slots. If you’ve ever fantasized about playing Blackjack, Spanish 21, Roulette, or Slots, you will like this article, so continue reading. The good news about these games is that you can make big wins even if you are a beginner with a little bit of knowledge and research.

This article focuses on one of the famous games, Spanish 21, and discusses some of the must-know rules and strategies. Check out the list of of the best online casinos in New Jersey.

What is Spanish 21?

At present, Spanish 21 is one of the wide-known Blackjack variants. While these two games are pretty similar, some differences need to be mentioned, including the different rate of the house edge, ability of double downing, side bet potential, and many more.

Spanish 21 is a card game played with Spanish decks. A Spanish deck contains 48 cards: 2–9, J, Q, K, A; there are no cards with the number 10. All cards count at face value except for Kings, Queens, and Jacks, which always count as 10, and Aces, which might be either 11 or 1.


  • The game is played on the Blackjack table
  • First of all, it needs to be mentioned that this game is either played with 6 or 8 decks dealt from a shoe or from a continuous shuffling machine. Because it is a “type” of Blackjack, all cards have the same value in both games.
  • The Dealer is getting a hole card, which is about a card that has been dealt face down.
  • When the Dealer hits on 16, they stand on 17. If the Dealer hits 17, the house edge will most probably increase.
  • Although there are four fewer ten-valued cards in Spanish 21, the insurance is still paid 2:1, just like in Blackjack.
  • Even with aces, players can divide up to four hands.
  • The players win if the total is 21.
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Here are also some strategies used in the game

Pair Splitting

A player may divide cards of equal value, including Aces, to form up to four hands. Including Aces (these count as 1 or 11) is also allowed.

Double Down

With two or some more cards, the Player is eligible to Double Down even after splitting. The Player can also place any wager (maximum of the original bet) throughout this process.

Double Down Rescue

If the Player does not feel satisfied with the result they get after the Double Down process, they can take back the doubled part of the bet and get some so-called penalty on the original wager. During the Double Down Rescue process, the Player is usually removed from that round of the game.

Super Bonus

This game also offers great bonuses of up to $5000 to the winner and $50 to the other players. This bonus can be given if the Player has 7-7-7- and the Dealer draws 7. If the bet is up to $24, the bonus is usually $1000; if more than $25, the bonus also rises, reaching $5000.

Match the Dealer

Besides the regular bet, the Player is also able to bet on the likelihood of whether the first two cards will match the Dealer’s up card in rank or not.


Low House Edge

One of the advantages of Spanish 21 is that it has a lower house edge than Blackjack. In most cases, the rules are almost the same for each casino. You need to keep in mind whether the Dealer stands or hits on a soft 17. In the case of a dealer standing on a soft 17, the house edge is .4%.

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Double Down after Split

Most blackjack games do not allow you to double down after splitting. However, in Spanish 21, you can. This is beneficial to you, especially if you have split aces.

Win when getting 21

Another advantage of the game is that it is already a win whenever you have 21 in your hands. So, if you use certain skills and knowledge, you will definitely win the game.

To wrap up, casino gambling has become one of the widespread fun activities most people enjoy doing nowadays. This article summed up some important information regarding Spanish 21, one of the famous variants of Blackjack.