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In the parlour - "Rejoice, Rejoice!": Tulln's Christmas Sermon

In the parlour – “Rejoice, Rejoice!”: Tulln’s Christmas Sermon

Created December 06, 2022 | 04:44

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Soloists: Anna Magdalena Osinger (soprano), Katrin Osinger (alto), Mario Lerchenberger (tenor) and Marcus Volbert (bass).

Musikfabrik Lower Austria

a-cappella-Chor Tulln and Capella Leopoldina perform Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in the foyer on Thursday.

The Christmas Oratorio is one of the most frequently performed works by composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It consists of six cantatas. On Thursday, December 8th, at 5 pm, Musikfabrik NÖ will present the first of its three cantatas in the foyer.

The Cappella Tolln Choir has been preparing for this performance for weeks, and the Cappella Leopoldina Orchestra will play original Baroque instruments under the direction of Jörg Zwicker.

The concert is part of the “Experience the Music – Eight Concerts in Tulln” subscription cycle and is already almost sold out. The remaining tickets can be booked at Musikfabrik NÖ at [email protected].

“It is always something special for us to compose music with Capella Leopoldina Bach. Here, high professionalism meets a new joy in playing, ”says the choir director Gottfried Zawiczewski. Orchestra conductor Jörg Zwicker replies: “We always enjoy making music in Tolln. Everything here fits together: the hall, the friendly reception into town, the enthusiasm of the congregation.”