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Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 already has more than 10 million users

Huawei’s new operating system HarmonyOS 2.0 appears to be quite successful in China. It has now crossed the 10 million user limit, also known as active devices. To celebrate this great occasion, the company decided to celebrate a cake with a somewhat unique look. By the way, TWS earbuds, smartwatch, cell phone, and TV are all edible items that make up the cake.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2

Although the new operating system was adopted very quickly, it is important to note that the HarmonyOS branding is not just about the mobile operating system. It is more than a comprehensive brand of different operating systems from Huawei, from smartphones to IoT devices.

HarmonyOS 2 update is now available in China for Matte Series 40And the P40 . seriesAnd the Matte Series 30 and the Matipad Pro Available. The P30 . series The Honor 30 and V30 will be released in closed beta later this month and public beta in July.

Huawei P40 4G

Huawei P40 4G

It will be interesting to see how the company handles the move to HarmonyOS on international devices outside of China. Either way, after a successful start, the number of devices running the new OS will continue to grow strongly in the future. In fact, Huawei hopes to move 360 ​​million active devices to HarmonyOS by the end of the year and convince 1.2 million developers to write apps for its platforms.

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