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Hundreds of thousands protest in Madrid against cuts…

Hundreds of thousands protest in Madrid against cuts…

Information on the number of participants ranges from 200,000 to 670,000. The dissatisfaction with the conservative provincial government’s savings plans is great.

hundreds of thousands Protested in Madrid the neglect of the health sector. According to the organizers, about 670,000 people gathered on Sunday in Cibeles Square in the center of the Spanish capital after a stellar rally. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry estimated the number of protesters at 200,000. The protests were against the austerity policies of the conservative regional government in Madrid.

This also plans to provide some emergency care online due to staff shortages in public health centers.

“Madrid Rise”

The various initiatives of citizens called for participation in the rally under the slogan “Madrid rises”. Among the participants were famous artists, and in some cases whole families with children and grandparents, politicians from various parties, trade unionists and public health workers. In addition to more investment, they also called for the resignation of the head of the regional government, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

“The cuts made since 2010 are devastating to public health. The situation now is unsustainable,” a doctor at Hospital de la Princesa told Spanish news agency Europa Press. Another protester was quoted as saying: “My doctor only has two minutes of surgery per patient, and she also works in the emergency room. I pay taxes, so the public sector is the most important.”


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