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Hunziker even entrusted her heart to this doctor

Hunziker even entrusted her heart to this doctor

TV star Michelle Hunziker is said to have a new girlfriend: Doctor Giovanni Angiolini.

flirts. He is “the most beautiful doctor in Italy”, and she is one of the most successful TV presenters. Together, Giovanni Angiolini (40) and Michel Hunziker (45) are an unbeatable team. At least visually they make an absolute dream.

Getting to know each other through breast augmentation

Fun. The love rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, but there are already reports of the two getting to know each other. Michelle Hunziker didn’t talk on TV for the first time about secret breast surgery until the end of February. This intervention not only brought a new breast, but also the new man. According to the photo, Hunziker’s alleged girlfriend, Giovanni Angiolini, is said to be a friend of a plastic surgeon. This was also what brought the two together. Three months after her split from 38-year-old Thomas Trussardi, Michele appears to have found a new “Amore”.

a story. Even the wrecked doctor lived a love life before Hunziker. In the Italian version of Big Brother, he begins an affair with fellow camper Marie Falconeri. Recently, he was with Spanish fitness influencer Neves Paulos.

Holiday. At the moment, Michele and her new baby are in Sardinia. There they were seen holding hands and kissing. So far, however, neither of the two has commented on the relationship.

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