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Arcade Fire: Mysterious Thunderstorm |

Arcade Fire: Mysterious Thunderstorm |

“We” is the name of the sixth studio album by Canadian arcade group Fire, which has been active since 2002, and will be released on May 6. The first half is titled “I” and deals with fear and isolation.

Arcade Fire: “The First and Second Lightning”. Two songs are tied together as Blitz, but at least the song doesn’t hit (although the opening guitar tone, reminiscent of “Pinball Wizard,” sounds like it). No, it’s about waiting for the predicted effect: “When the lightning comes” you say at the end of the first song, “Waiting for the lightning” in the second. As is often the case with Arcade Fire, it remains unclear how the prophecy is meant to be religious. Anyway, it sounds like an anthem. In the first part, carried by a poetic piano, the group (“we”) is the subject and object of the anthem. The collected energy is discharged into the overheating second segment. He had already heard the thunder, and then Wayne Butler sang, followed by the sound of the bells: “I thought this was the answer, but I find I got the question wrong. I was trying to run away, but a voice commanded me to stay and put the feeling into a song.” He did.

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