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Hyena’s gamescom debut and closed beta have been announced

Hyena’s gamescom debut and closed beta have been announced

The upcoming Hyenas advance shooter can be experienced in various ways in the coming days. In addition to the gamescom appearance, a beta testing phase was also announced.

SEGA and the Creative Assembly are known to be working on a new extraction shooter Hyenas – and for the first time they presented a new gameplay demo, which contains new heist action game scenes in zero gravity. You can see for yourself how the game will play in the coming days.

Now the two companies have also announced that the multiplayer shooter, where five teams of three compete against each other and against NPC security forces called MURFs, will also be represented at this year’s Gamescom. From August 23 to 27, there will be many game stations in Hall 8 of the Great German Toy Fair.

If you didn’t make it to gamescom, don’t be sad either. There will be a closed beta testing phase on PC, which is scheduled to run from August 31st to September 11th. Anyone who would like a chance to participate can apply now steam Register for a play test.

In the closed beta, you can play as one of eight specialists, including new additions Mozie – the original Hyena -, Rock ‘n’ Roll Roadie, and Pyrotechnical Digits. They join Ballerina Prima, astronaut Commander Wright, fast cosplayer Hero-ki, sniper El Silb√≥n, player Doc Hotfix, defense expert and drag queen Galaxia.

Hyenas will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Mac; There is no release date yet.

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Hyenas – A gameplay demo clip showing shooter game scenes

Hyenas’ new gameplay trailer shows you the first-person shooter from the upcoming title.