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Four fan-reported innovations from the beta

Four fan-reported innovations from the beta

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EA Sports FC 24 is currently in closed beta. These four innovations show how the game will change compared to FIFA.

Hamburg – The first FIFA game that is no longer called FIFA will appear at the end of September. To ensure everything runs smoothly for the release of EA Sports FC 24, EA is now organizing a closed beta for the long-awaited soccer simulation. Only players with a matching demo key can participate in the testing phase. But it is already clear that most fans are very happy with the EA Sports FC 24 warm-up. That’s what the first votes say about the beta.

The name of the game EA Sports FC
Version (date first published) September 29, 2023
Publishers Electronic Arts
series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts
Type Football simulation

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How are fans enjoying the EA Sports FC 24 demo? From the looks of it, the first few laps on EA Sports FC 24 seem to be giving fans a lot of joy. The innovations in the soccer simulator that came out through the beta have been met with the approval of many gamers.

For example, fans praise the new scrolling feel. This is much more rewarding than in FIFA 23 and at the same time feels much smoother. Secondly, EA Sports FC 24’s dexterous shots and through balls are said to have gained accuracy, according to the testers. So ball players can look forward to noticeable improvements in detail.

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EA Sports FC 24: Four New Fan Reported Features From Beta © EA

However, EA Sports FC 24 not only makes it easier for the players but also brings the skill needed for successful actions with some mechanics. For example, defending should be much more difficult in the beta than it was in FIFA 23. The reason for this may be less help from the game – so players are more on their own, have to make smart decisions and read the game.

This should of course also be beneficial for the wards. Here too, the feel of the game is set in EA Sports FC 24. According to fans, these should be able to shoot with much greater impact in the beta. This will be especially noticeable with some football players.

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It won’t be long before all fans can experience the innovations of EA Sports FC 24 for themselves. EA Sports FC 24 will celebrate its debut on September 29, 2023. The closed beta of EA Sports FC 24 can be played until August 31 with the appropriate code.